Mark, Kay, and Jadon Bojovic, Missionaries to Africa

Christmas Parties, Pregnancy Update, and Giving Opportunity

CarePoint Christmas Parties!

CarePoint Christmas Parties

Christmas Parties at the 20 Children’s Cup CarePoints are underway. 450 children at our Logoba CarePoint today were blessed with a birthday party for Jesus they’ll never forget!

Pregnancy Update!

Pregnancy Update:  Kay at 18 weeks

Kay is coming up to 19 weeks. By the end of next week, we should know if it’s a boy or girl. Such exciting times!

Gift-Giving Time!

Would you like to buy a gift for some African families in need? We would like to give you the opportunity to partner with us in this season of giving with the love of God.

Christmas Gift Basket

1. Gift Baskets: We hope to give up to 25 gift baskets of basic necessities to families in need. Each gift basket contains beans, rice, sugar, corn flour, soup mix, oil, salt, tea, candles, matches, soap, and the large wash basin. Cost: $25 each gift basket.

2. New Clothing: If the 25 gift baskets of basic necessities have been sponsored, then we’d like to give up to 25 clothing gift certificates to families with kids towards the purchase of new clothes. Oftentimes we see the children lacking in the basics such as shoes or underwear, and this would be a huge blessing. Cost: $25 each clothing gift certificate.

3. Education: And finally, if both of the above are satisfied, we would love to continue sending five of our youth to high school. Each student would require about $1,000 for the whole year, including school fees, uniforms, book bag, books, and transport. Every little bit helps!

Prayerfully consider if you’d like to bless some of the Swazi families we have relationship with this Christmas. If you wanted to give more than $25, simply keep it to $25 increments. Here’s the giving page link: Paypal – Christmas Gift Giving Page

Thank you for following us and partnering with us in this ministry. Ministering the Gospel of Jesus is all about investing into relationships. So thank for investing in us so that we may pass the blessing to others!

With much love,
Mark and Kay

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