Mark, Kay, and Jadon Bojovic, Missionaries to Africa

Pregnancy and a Transformed Life

Blessings and Greetings!

Pregnancy Update

Kay is coming up to 32 weeks in her pregnancy, and everything is going well, praise the Lord!

Kay at 28 weeks pregnant

Kay at 28 weeks pregnant

GLA Update

We’re wrapping up our fourth week of Global Leadership Academy (GLA), and the students are amazing! As we teach them servant-leadership principles that are found in the Bible and emulated in the life of Jesus, we see them transform and grow into disciples that love and serve God and people, which is a blessing.

Tembuso’s Story

Of the 28 students, 9 of them came from Children’s Cup CarePoints. Here’s an amazing testimony of one of the 18-year old CarePoint ladies.

Tembuso serving at children's ministry

Tembuso serving at children’s ministry

As Tembuso started high school, she heard about the Good News of Jesus, but would rather live her normal life of disobeying her parents and dating. She didn’t want anything to do with God, Christian music, or church. She would rather stay home and watch TV.

One day, a friend her hers invited her to church, to which she went. She recounts, “I felt like the Lord was speaking right to me. Tears filled my eyes and I heard a voice saying, ‘Come, the Lord is waiting. He’ll give you joy, unconditional love, and peace everlasting.’ I went to the altar, said the salvation prayer, then I lay down because I couldn’t stand anymore. Afterwards, when I went home, I genuinely believed that the love of God is better than the love of any person could give me. I felt peace in my heart. I dumped my boyfriend and learned to forgive my friends that I had a grudge against.”

Tembuso shares how her life has changed since her conversion: “I’ve discovered that I cannot live without God. I love Him so much that you’ll find me worshiping and praising Him in my free time. I’ve learned how to be obedient, kind, humble, and to love others. The Word of God is my life – I’ve learned to depend on it. I’ve also learned to trust in Him always and to be desperate for His Word.”

Psalm 63:1 “O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you, my body longs for you, in a dry and weary land where there is no water.”

As a student at GLA for this whole year, Tembuso will continue her growth in the Lord and in leadership. In the attached picture, she is helping with children’s ministry at a local church.

We praise God for saving such a young lady and giving her hope.


Thank you for helping us be a part of the Kingdom work here in Swaziland, Africa! Your prayers and giving are truly appreciated.

With much love!
Mark and Kay

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