Mark, Kay, and Jadon Bojovic, Missionaries to Africa

Jadon and Sebe’s Video


A lot has happened this past month.

Kay bathing Jadon
Kay bathing Jadon

We now have a son, praise the Lord! Lots of adjustments and lots of love. The Lord has been teaching us more about the Father’s heart ever since becoming parents. It’s amazing. We’re so thankful and blessed to have such a blessing from the Lord. Please see the attached two pictures of Kay bathing Jadon and me lounging with my son.

Mark and Jadon lounging
Mark and Jadon lounging

Kay’s ministry has transitioned to that of a stay-at-home mom, and I have returned to the discipleship school (Global Leadership Academy).

It’s always a joy to see the growth of character and leadership qualities in our students. Please see the video below of some of the ministry that the interns are doing at the CarePoints, especially highlighting one of the young men, Sebe. He’s just one example of how we can disciple and train up local leaders to have a greater impact for the heavenly Kingdom in this generation and nation.

Please pray for wisdom for us as new parents, and also pray for continued eternal impact in our ministry.

Thank you for your love, your support, and your partnership. We are so blessed and thankful for the Lord’s call of shepherding on our lives.

With much love,
Mark, Kay, and Jadon

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